Riversong Nursery School takes place 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday) from 9 am – 1 pm.

Our part time schedule allows children to nap with their caregivers/at home while beginning to adjust to time away from their family in small increments.

Every other month, we will aim to have an (optional) family/community gathering to give the chance for families to get to know each other, for mothers to be nourished, and for children to gather outside of school hours.

We have occasional guest teachers and musicians visit the class as a bonus.

Holidays & Breaks

For the 2023-2024 school year, we will be closed…

Thursday Nov 23 : Thanksgiving
Thursday December 7 : Hanukkah
Week of December 26 – 28 : Winter Break (open on Jan 2)
Week of April 22 – April 25: Spring Break 
Wednesday June 19: Juneteenth
Thursday July 4: Independence Day
Week of August 13 – 15: Summer Break

(Most federal school calendar holidays fall on a Monday so they don’t affect our calendar.)


Sample Daily Schedule



Drop off & Free Play


9:30 am

Morning Circle (music & movement)


9:45 am

Snack & Story Time


10:15 am

Outdoor Free Play


10:45 am

Craft Time (farm/homestead-related)


11:15 am

Music & Movement


11:45 am

Lunch with organic, whole foods


12:15 pm

Story & Craft Time


12:45 pm

Goodbye Circle & get ready for pick up


1:00 pm

Pick Up